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$1800      November


 If you are looking for a perfect ending to an African Safari, then add this 8 day Seychelles trip to your bucket list.   Just look up Point Source D’Argent on the internet and you will already start visualizing yourself, walking barefoot into the warm turquoise water, surrounded by granite boulders, and palm trees.   There is a reason the Seychelles are voted the top ranked beaches in the world.  Not only is this a bucket list destination but is Beyond Adventure moments.    

       Located 300 miles off the coast of Kenya, in the Indian Ocean,  this paradise is a must visit for those looking to experience earth’s last amazing beaches that haven’t been spoiled by mega resorts.  While over a hundred islands make up the Seychelles, only a hand full are inhabited.          

     On this 8 day paradise safari,  you will explore three of those islands, Mahe, Praslin, and La Dique. Each Island offerers something different.  If you are a photographer you will love the sunsets and the beautiful beaches, as a romantic you will fall in love with the charm, the food, and the slow pace, as a birder you will love searching for the Paradise fly catcher, which is only found on these islands, as an adventurer, stories of pirates gold still buried all over the place, will keep your imagination wondering.    

       If you are already in Kenya or east Africa, don’t miss this add on.   As soon as you begin your decent into Victoria, you will be glad you came.  These Islands will take your breath away. 

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