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Are you looking for a once in a lifetime adventure,  then Kamchatka  is perfect for you.   Kamchatka is a land of unspoiled wilderness, volcanoes, geysers, and bear viewing that is even better than Alaska.  

Beyond Adventures can arrange hiking trips to volcanoes, sight seeing trips to the  Valley of the Geysers, Kuril Lake, and wilderness float trips.   

Our highlight is our 7 day wilderness float trip.   We fly deep into the remote wilderness by helicopter,  passing active volcanoes, and  land of in the realm of  Asian brown bears.   We counted 115 brown bears, floating this trip in 2017.  It's perfect for photography and adventure.  

Beyond Adventure Travels has  5 years of experience floating remote rivers in Kamchatka.   Our photos have been published in many magazines about Kamchatka.   

 We partner with a Russian company that has been floating the rivers in Kamchatka for 26 years and has more experience with remote river travel than any other company in Kamchatka.  

They are  a first class operation with the best white water rafts, camping  gear tested to handle the changing weather,  and has a personal chef that will prepare meals that rival top rated restaurants.  


An Inside Look

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